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Yang YanMin and Huang ZhiGao, Theoretical investigation on tunneling magnetoresistance in ferromagnetic/anti-ferromagnetic core/shell system, Science China: Physics, Mechanics & Astronomy  (2012).


摘要:Based on Monte Carlo simulations, the effect of structural configuration on the hysteresis behavior and tunneling magnetoresistance (TMR) of composite nanoparticles with ferromagnetic (FM) core/anti-ferromagnetic (AFM) shell is investigated. The simulated results indicate that the coercive field (H c) of composites increases with the decreasing ratio of core-radius (r core) to shell-radius (r shell). When the ratio of r shell to r core is approaching 4:3, H c decreases with increasing AFM thickness. In addition, TMR is found to increase with the decreasing ratio of r core to r shell, resulting from the enhancement of resistance changes in disordered AFM shell.


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