2013年8月8日(周四)9:00,仓山校区学院四层学术报告厅,美国乔治亚南方大学(Georgia Southern University)王笑军教授,Persistent Phosphors through Persistent Energy Transfer

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学术讲座【Persistent Phosphors through Persistent Energy Transfer


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主讲:美国乔治亚南方大学(Georgia Southern University 王笑军教授


专家简介:Xiao-Jun Wang is Professor of Physics at the Georgia Southern University, USA. He receives his M.S degree in physics from the Florida Institute of Technology (1987) and Ph.D in laser spectroscopy from the University of Georgia (1992). His research areas include the optical properties of rare earth or transition metals doped phosphor materials, dynamical processes of excited states in these materials, and their applications in illumination and biomedical imaging. He has published 176 papers with 3500+ citations and an H-index as 30. He currently has four book chapters, and many more invited talks and other presentations in international and national conferences. Moreover, he acts as reviewers for tens of journals, including Journal of Optical Society of America, Journal of Physical Chemistry, Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, Medical Physics, Optics Communications, Optics Express, Optics Letters etc..


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